Growing up in Richmond, surrounded by all of the natural beauty the River City offers, I Garden 350couldn’t help but develop an affinity for classic, well-behaved, and elegant landscapes, and want to understand how these forms and functions came to be. Virginia gardens are characterized by a certain formality that also gives homage to the native trees and plants that thrive in its unpredictable climate. As the saying goes, give Richmond weather 5 minutes and it will change.

Recent challenges brought about by infestations, climate changes and the overuse of chemicals and poor plant placement, have inspired me to write about some of the best practices and advice on how to maintain the character of Central Virginia gardens while using new and improved plant selections, processes and conservation techniques. As a Master Gardener, I find it is important to keep learning, if only so you aren’t dangerous in the ideas you share.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I’ll enjoy researching and writing it. Even if your garden isn’t in Virginia, there will be many good suggestions you can use in your own gardening adventures.